Our Principals

Meet our Principals

All are trusted brands that are industry leaders in meeting operator needs. Select any logo below to find valuable information such as product offerings, nutritionals, recipes, marketing ideas, and more. Let our team of experienced food service professionals put their sales, marketing, and culinary expertise to work for you in marketing your products.

We think of our partners as principals rather than clients. We feel the term principal (primary, chief, most important, one on whose behalf the agent acts) better defines the relationship.

Custom Culinary

For more than half a century, Custom Culinary® has been perfecting the art of flavorful foods with authentic tasting bases, sauces and gravies, These best-in-class products deliver versatility and performance that enable foodservice professionals to create their own signature menu items. Custom Culinary® is a family-owned company passionately dedicated to providing a full line of authentic tasting culinary foundations for foodservice and commissary operations domestically and Internationally. Custom Culinary® is also a leader in “Better for You” products including Low Sodium and Gluten Free offerings. Visit CustomCulinary.com for detailed product information and a large array of recipes.

Heater Meals

HeaterMeals Plus Full Course Self-Heating Meal Kits come with a ¾ pound shelf stable entrée in a tray, a patented food heater, a water packet to start the food heater, Plus all the fixings – including a beverage, and side items, incl. applesauce, cookies, raisins and breadsticks. HeaterMeals Plus require no refrigeration, have up to a 1 year shelf life, and are designed as a complete meal kit. Visit heatermeals.com for more information.



Cafe2Go, The Self-Heating Beverage and Soup Kits include everything you need to serve 18 cups of your favorite hot beverage or soup! Cafe2Go provides a long shelf-life, and are available as Coffee or Hot Cocoa beverage kits featuring Nescafe brand products including Taster's Choice coffee, Nestles Cocoa, and Coffee-Mate and Soup kits featuring Lipton Brand Cup-a-Soup, and includes three of Lipton's best selling soups: Beef Noodle, Chicken Noodle, and Tomato. Each kit includes enough cups, spoons and instant soup mixes to serve 18. You supply one gallon of potable water, we supply the heat for hot beverages or soup anytime, anyplace. Visit heatermeals.com/cafe2go for more information.

In Harvest

InHarvest premium rice blends and pure grains play a key role in elevating the level of nutrition and food quality for our troops in the US and abroad. We provide full culinary support, including recipe development, DFAC samplings, manager trainings, menu boards and food shows. In addition to the many nutritional benefits, our products also offer ease of preparation, consistent quality, varied menu applications and exceptional holding capacity. Visit inharvest.com for more information.

King's Command Foods

Family owned and operated, King's Command Foods, Inc. is committed to bringing quality, portion controlled, pre-cooked and ready-to-cook meat products to the food service and retail industry. When the market for quick and convenient meals emerged, King's Command Foods, Inc. emerged as an industry leader by bringing a variety of safe, fully cooked items to restaurants and other institutions. With locations in both Washington and Ohio, the company's focus is to provide great tasting, quality, and center-of-the plate products at a reasonable price. Visit kingscommand.com for more information.

Native American Enterprises

In 1930, Helen Fallis Mcgreevy, a Native American Sioux Indian, member of the lower Brule tribe of the South Dakota and Emmet McGreevy, Sr., her husband establish a family owned meat processing business, in an existing cold storage building in industrial Downtown Wichita. Today the company's tradition is carried out by the 4th generation. Today the company is known as Native American Enterprises LLC, located at 230 N. West St., Wichita KS. Supplying restaurants, hotels institutions, our fine United States military and other government agencies with quality beef, buffalo/bison pork, lamb, poultry and brand name related provisions including Bar None cooked products. Visit nativeamericane.com for more information.

Canteen Joe

Corporate Chefs partnered with Encore Roasters who has been creating award winning blends since 1974. Our expertly roasted beans are some of the finest in the world that provide our customers with a perfect cup of coffee. Whether using our state of the art machines or yours, we are committed to providing you with impeccable customer service, maintenance of your machines, and tailored marketing material to promote your brand/theme.


Bridgford Foods manufactures a full line of frozen bread, rolls, bread sticks, cinnamon rolls and biscuit dough, baked biscuits, heat & serve rolls, monkey bread and bites. Visit bridgford.com for more information.

Kerala Curry

Kerala Curry is a family-owned and operated “Goodness Grows in NC” food manufacturer producing five different lines of authentic, high quality South Indian Curry products. Their products are all made in their federally inspected USDA plants in NC and are 100% Natural & Gluten Free; No MSG, artificial colors/preservatives, fillers, modified food starch or corn syrup. Visit keralacurry.com for more information.

Wald Family Foods

Wald Family Food’s soups, pastas and Mexican specialties are made specially for military food service to provide the best the country has to offer, with a taste of homemade in each bite. They offer a line-up of delicious meals with boil-in-bag convenience for military menus. Back-of-house time-saving prep couldn’t be easier! Visit waldfamilyfoods.com for more information.


OvaEasy Egg Crystals have become the egg of choice for mission bound U.S. Navy vessels and are a favorite of U.S. military troops around the world. OvaEasy Egg Crystals are made with their own proprietary crystal freeze-drying technology that dries them under 130º F, preserving their fresh taste and high quality proteins! No other company in the world does what they do. Visit ovaeasy.com for more information.

Bake Crafters

Bake Crafters is a family owned business with representation in all 50 states. We sell baked goods for K12, colleges & universities, healthcare, military, in-store bakeries, and restaurants. Since 1989, Bake Crafters has operated with a single aim: providing the baked goods customers want. This means broad selection, rapid product development, competitive prices, and dedicated customer service. Over 420 million servings of our whole-grain products were used in schools nationwide during the 2019–2020 school year! Whether you're talking with someone in our corporate office, a regional sales director, or one of the 70+ people on our commissioned sales team, we strive to understand your needs and find a way to serve them.. Visit bakecrafters.com for more information.


Planterra Foods is a new, innovative plant-based protein start-up company based in Colorado dedicated to bringing exceptional variety and thoughtful plant-based protein choices - that are beneficial to both you and the planet - to the table. Innovation, convenience and taste are at the forefront of Planterra Foods and OZO™, the first plant-based protein brand Planterra Foods is bringing to market in 2020. We aspire to be the best plant-based food company and change the future of protein by giving people more delicious choices. At Planterra Foods, we love food and believe healthy and sustainable plant-based products should never sacrifice taste or simple ingredients. We are a Colorado-based company full of passionate and positive impact makers. We are go-getters and believe we can always do better. We care about the environment and sustainable food. We are always innovating by using the best in nature in new delicious ways. That’s why we developed OZO™, to help you eat well, feel better, and live your best. It’s our first line of products where we get to use the best ingredients to deliver unbelievable taste and nutrition, and we’re excited to share it with you. We can help the planet and feed the world by putting delicious meals on the table — today and for generations to come. For us, it’s all about people who want to eat something that’s full of flavor that’s good for you and the planet. Our goal is to give a boost to flexitarians — people who eat plant-based meals and also enjoy meat or fish — by giving them more delicious plant-based protein choices. Eating delicious food is one of the greatest joys in life, and Planterra Foods is delivering plant-based proteins that are OZO™ good!. Visit ozofoods.com for more information.