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Perdue VARG remembers the fallen on Memorial Day 2019

They also had a reception with some guests of honor that served in the various wars of the modern era and participated in our ceremony. Although many associates were out of the office for the holiday weekend the attendance at the event was substantial. Expressing gratitude for the sacrifices of those who have given their last full measure to protect and preserve our freedoms and liberties or in efforts to extend them to others is a tall order. Not to be forgotten are those who have served but come back from their service with wounded minds and bodies. 

The email tributes for Sgt. Maj. Wardell Turner and Staff Sgt. Seth Ricketts distributed via email, reading of the medal of honor citations, the fallen comrades table and rose tribute, the roll call, the moment of silence and taps were all powerful and moving demonstrations of our sincere gratitude. This event was a great tribute to all who have served in the armed forces of the United States of America—with a specific emphasis on local heroes and heroes linked with Perdue associates through familial and fraternal relationships.

Many thanks were give to their honored guests:

  • William Lee Simpson, WWII (US Navy – 1942 to 1946)
  • Herb Kemper, Korean War (US Marines – 1954 to 1957)
  • Bill Cecil, Vietnam War (US Army – 1969 to 1971)
  • Christopher N. Wigfall, Iraq War (US Army National Guard – 1972 to 2011)
  • Ryan Hoffman, Afghanistan War(US Army – 2000 to present)

Beautiful hand-crafted flags were presented to:

  • William Simpson, WWII veteran, father of Perdue associate Jay Simpson, and
  • George Coffin, PTI – Before there was VARG, there was George: Vietnam veteran, Local coordination of Operation Teddy Bear for 37 years, Local Coordination for the local Wreath Laying Ceremony

They were also honored to have two from their Active Service Loved Ones who were on leave and joined them to assist with the roll call:

  • Petty Officer Erin Ann Ruddy; daughter of Paul and Cheryl Ruddy
  • GM3 Wayne Davis; son of Crystal Teagle

Many thanks to all involved in coordinating and executing the ceremony and reception! God Bless America!

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