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November 2019 Marketing Update

Keeping all stakeholders informed of the latest products and product lines represented by Corporate Chefs LLC.


I would like to use this monthly update to highlight Perdue Foods.  PLEASE NOTE Perdue Foods is leaning forward reformulating products to meet the new Army Buyers Guide V12. 

"The PERDUE® brand is the number-one brand of premium fresh chicken in the eastern U.S. Perdue is also a leading food and agricultural company recognized globally for quality, service and reliability. At Perdue, quality is the measure of our character. Our commitment to quality extends beyond products and service to include our leadership in food safety, environmental stewardship and poultry welfare. We also measure quality by the trust we earn from our business partners and the way we care for each other and our communities.  Quality since 1920.  It's the history of our company. And it's a commitment shared by every one of our 20,000 associates." —Jim Perdue.

Perdue Foods takes great pride in providing you only the best quality chicken raised in the most humane way possible.  Please watch the following two video’s to get a good look at “Where Your Chicken Comes From” and

We Currently Represent

  1. Corporate Chefs [Cooked Bacon, Raw Bacon, Shelf Stable Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Sliced Roast Beef, Sliced Turkey, Chicken Tocino, Pork Longanisa, Veg. Lumpia, Pork Lumpia, Chicken Lumpia and we partner with various companies including The Arizona Tea Company].
  2. Custom Culinary [bases, gravies, sauces]  CW Resources distributes Custom Culinary gravies as part of the Ability One Program
    • You might want to start thinking about stocking up on turkey gravy for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals!
  3. Perdue Farms [complete line of poultry products] 
    • You may also want to start thinking about stocking up on Perdue Rolled, netted, light/dark (ABG compliant) Turkey Roasts for Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals!
  4. HeaterMeals [provides multiple shelf stable breakfast, lunch & dinner meal kits that fulfill an array of customers’ needs while providing nutritional benefits]
    • Get your Fall/Winter orders in now!
  5. American Food Group (AFG)/Kings Command [A further processor with a variety of products such as; flame-broiled burgers, meatloaf, chicken fried steak, veal, etc.]
  6. Native American Enterprises (NAE) [Quality beef, buffalo/bison pork, lamb, poultry and brand name related provisions. They're a SDVOSB, participate in the Indian Incentive Program and are located in a HUB Zone]
  7. InHarvest [specializing in premium rice blends and pure grains]
  8. Bridgford Foods [complete line of frozen bread dough products]
    • Think about your roll and bread dough requirements too!
  9. Taste Traditions [They specialize in Mexican Entrees (Premium & Authentic), Premium Pasta dishes, gourmet soups and more. For more information please visit us at for more information.
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