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July 2020 Marketing Update

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This month we are happy to highlight OvaEasy. OvaEasy Egg Crystals have become the egg of choice for mission bound U.S. Navy vessels and are a favorite of U.S. military troops around the world.  They work closely with distributors and assemblers to provide products and custom-developed solutions to serve the needs of demanding operations.  The reason for their success is simple – Egg Crystals meet the demanding requirements of great taste, storability, shelf life, and convenience better than other alternatives including frozen egg mix and whole shell egg.  Please take a moment to review the attachments and the information below.  For additional information please visit for more information.

Egg in the Cup

  • The easiest way to eat scrambled eggs you'll find anywhere!
  • Just add water, microwave, and enjoy!
  • Keto-friendly: 12-13g protein & 0-2g carbs per cup!
  • Made with our revolutionary Egg Crystals, these cups require no refrigeration and can go with you wherever you go.
  • Take one to the office, to the gym or to your barracks.
  • If you have a microwave, delicious scrambled eggs are just seconds away!
  • All-natural, no junk. Just pure, delicious egg and flavors.

Egg White Protein Powder

  • 100% Egg White Protein
  • 24g protein / 0-2g carbs / 0g fat!
  • Get the most out of your hard work in the gym with a delicious protein that delivers a perfect amino acid profile for muscular recovery and growth.
  • Egg White Crystals are the best-tasting protein because they're processed at low temperatures. Other egg powders are dried at 350 - 390F.
  • Our crystallization process dries at 120F in order to preserve the protein quality and clean taste of fresh egg whites. You have to taste it to believe it!
  • * lactose-free * gluten-free * dairy-free * all-natural *
  • * no artificial sweeteners * no hormones or anti-biotics *

We Currently Represent

  1. Corporate Chefs [Cooked Bacon, Raw Bacon, Shelf Stable Bacon, Canadian Bacon, Sliced Roast Beef, Sliced Turkey, Chicken Tocino, Pork Longanisa, Veg. Lumpia, Pork Lumpia, Chicken Lumpia and we partner with various companies including The Arizona Tea Company].
  2. Custom Culinary [bases, gravies, sauces]  CW Resources distributes Custom Culinary gravies as part of the Ability One Program
  3. Perdue Farms [complete line of poultry products] 
  4. HeaterMeals [provides multiple shelf stable breakfast, lunch & dinner meal kits that fulfill an array of customers’ needs while providing nutritional benefits]
  5. American Food Group (AFG)/Kings Command [A further processor with a variety of products such as; flame-broiled burgers, meatloaf, chicken fried steak, veal, etc.]
  6. Native American Enterprises (NAE) [Quality beef, buffalo/bison pork, lamb, poultry and brand name related provisions. They're a SDVOSB, participate in the Indian Incentive Program and are located in a HUB Zone]
  7. InHarvest [specializing in premium rice blends and pure grains]
  8. Bridgford Foods [complete line of frozen bread dough products]
  9. Taste Traditions [They specialize in Mexican Entrees (Premium & Authentic), Premium Pasta dishes, gourmet soups and more. For more information please visit us at for more information.
  10. OvaEasy [They're a small, family-owned company that's been refining a new egg drying technology since 2001. They've invented a way of crystallizing egg at low-temperature so that it keeps all its fresh flavor and functionality.]  100% real eggs, no junk!
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