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July 2020 Marketing Update

Keeping all stakeholders informed of the latest products and product lines represented by Corporate Chefs LLC.

As we slowly return to some semblance of normal it’s still important to be mindful of social distancing and safe hygiene practices.  This pandemic has certainly changed the way we think, work and go about our daily chores.  We hope we can all focus and give thanks for the positive things in our lives especially, our families and friends!  It’s hard to believe that the Summer Solstice has come and gone already but, there is still a lot of summer to enjoy!  We want to wish you all a very happy and safe Independence Day weekend!

As we move further into the Summer we bring you our July 2020 Corporate Chefs update!  Our focus this month is our newest principle “OvaEasy” (as of today).  If you would like to discuss products, marketing, schedule a demo to look at any of our items, or schedule training please contact anyone of us.  Below, is an update of our portfolio for your files. 


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