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March 2022 Marketing Update

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The cold winter chill is still hovering over some of us but, the spring thaw is also in the air as we bring you our March 2022 Corporate Chefs update!  March is a fan-favorite among many. Not only does the month welcome spring and, therefore, new beginnings, but it's also Women's History Month, which celebrates and honors the vital role women have played in American history.  Sports enthusiasts will be gearing up for the iconic March Madness, which runs from March 13 to April 4. This year, college basketball fans will be excited to know that the tournament is back (it was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic). And let's not forget St. Patrick's DayAsh Wednesday, Purim, and Mardi Gras are all also in March! 

Corporate Chefs was started in the summer of 2007 and we’ve been proudly serving the Military ever since.  We pride ourselves and set ourselves apart with our Integrity, LOYALTY to the customer and the team and we’re driven by service!   “Corporate Chefs LLC" @  is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business [SDVOSB].  We are Buyers Guide compliant!!  This month we’re excited to highlight Bridgford Foods

Part of our continued focus is your continued health and wellbeing.  We are still in unprecedented times.  It appears the Omicron strain is now dominant and the Delta and Mu variants are still lurking!  Our wish for 2022 is that you continue to stay safe and healthy.  Please consider getting vaccinated if you have not already done so, it’s our best defense and best option available to help keep our children and elderly safe!  Please be diligent with practicing good hygiene and social distancing.  Keep a positive outlook on the future as “this too shall pass”.  This pandemic has certainly changed the way we think, work and go about our daily chores.  We hope we can all focus on and give thanks for the positive things in our lives especially, our families and friends! 

Please note, we still have a lot of individually wrapped items (entrées and desserts) as well as shelf stable meal kits to help your feeding contingency missions (also note; DLA is going above and beyond to approve new items and expedite getting them cataloged for your use.  If you would like to discuss products,


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