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Military Food Broker Partner.

Whether you are looking for in roads to your local installation or you pursuing the global market, Corporate Chefs has the experience to help you succeed!

Corporate Chefs Difference

Only Corporate Chefs offers a unique combination of leadership and expertise along with extensive global customer and distributor relationships needed to achieve superior results for our principles.

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Corporate Chefs Team Members are comprised of military veterans from all branches of service. Each team member has a minimum of 20 years in the industry working at different senior level positions throughout their military career, providing a unique a unique skill set. This unique skill set, allows our team members to work closely with our customers, understanding their needs and requirements to accomplish the mission.

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Corporate Chefs offers a unique intimate personalized relationship where we foster a family-like atmosphere coupled with teamwork and expertise. From the top down throughout our organization, you can rest assured you will get the attention and service you deserve. You not just another product line to us. We value your business and relationship and our team will work tirelessly to grow your market share, and promote your products or product lines with the service and care you deserve.

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All of our Corporate Chefs Team members are subject matter experts in all facets of dining facility / galley operations; food management automated systems; combat, training, and emergency preparedness feeding plans and systems; contracting; and government related headquarters, and agencies. Our comprehensive expertise provides us with the ability to target customer needs and match requirements to our principals product or product line which ultimately leads to customer and principle success.

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Corporate Chefs Team Member’s customer and distributor relations are unparalleled. Our team members are strategically placed to effectively collaborate with customers and distributors worldwide. Our constant interaction on product initiatives and growing existing product lines is how we maximize results, and what sets us apart from other brokerage firms.

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What our principals are looking for in a military sales and marketing agency is superior results, and Corporate Chefs delivers. Over the last eight years, Corporate Chefs has grown our principles overall military sales by a minimum of 12% each year. With proven results, let our team become an extension of your sales team to meet your organizational sales goals and objectives. Join our team today!

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Every Team Member has 20+ years of Military Food Service Experience  
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